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Learn How You Can Throw Away Your Crutches By Using a RollerAid Knee Walker That Gives You Safer Movement and Quicker Healing...

Have you recently been forced to use crutches because of a leg or foot injury? If so this could be the most important message you ever read.

Dear Friend,

If you're anything like me you absolutely despise using crutches.

The sore arms, the awkward movement, and the slow pace we are forced to move at are enough to drive me nuts!

And if there is any ice or snow on the ground forget it, it's just too dangerous to use crutches in these slippery conditions.

I always thought that for a hurt leg or foot that crutches were the only solution and I was doomed to use them until I was completely healed.

Well it used to be true until now because

I Have Discovered a Simple yet Incredible New Invention That Completely Eliminates Crutches Forever

And I want to share this secret new invention with you right now.

Introducing: The RollerAid Knee walker

rolleraid knee walker

This new device has completely eliminated the use of crutches and improved the lives of thousands of people.

The RollerAid Knee Walker...

I'm so convinced that anybody that uses crutches absolutely needs the RollerAid Knee Walker that I've made it extremely easy for you to get one.

In fact I've made it as easy as possible for you to get one of these incredible devices no matter where you live or how long you need it for.

To get a RollerAid Knee Walker you have two options:

1. For longer-term use you can purchase one from us or...

2. For shorter-term use (3 months or less) you can also rent one from us at a fraction of the purchase cost.

rolleraid in action

When you order your RollerAid Knee Walker it will come pre-assembled (just simply insert the handlebars and push the button to flip them up) and with complete instructions on how to use and care for your Knee Walker.

You also have no risk because

I'll also 100% guarantee your RollerAid Knee Walker


If five days after you receive your order you aren't completely convinced that using a RollerAid Knee Walker is far better than crutches I'll refund 100% of your purchase or rental price with no questions asked.

No forms to fill out, no sneaky "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

You either love it or you can send it back and get a refund.

You may think I'm crazy to offer such an iron-clad guarantee but I'm sure you'll absolutely love your RollerAid Knee Walker because of what other RollerAid users have said...

RollerAid KneeWalker Testimonial

"With the RollerAid, I get around at work even faster than before my injury."
Rich Torchio, School District Locksmith

RollerAid KneeWalker Testimonial

"The RollerAid works so much better than crutches. It allowed me to go back to work right away, keep weight off of my foot, and maintain mobility in my job and every day life. The Roller Aid is very light weight and can easily be put in and taken out of a vehicle. I especially enjoyed having the basket and cup holder!!"
Deb Johnson, Principal
Libby Center
Spokane Public Schools

RollerAid KneeWalker Testimonial

"The RollerAid™ has been a miracle machine and I tell everyone about it that has questions."
Allison M., who uses the RollerAid™ rolls up and down the assembly aisle at the submarine sandwich shop where she works.

RollerAid KneeWalker Testimonial

"RollerAid saved our European vacation."
Tom and Sue Millersmith

"The fact that you can guide the RollerAid, brake it and use it in a stationary position makes it a versatile and useful product. People who lack the strength to use crutches and elderly people would undoubtedly appreciate the mobility that this product affords them."
Dean Blouin, Spokane, Washington

Now you can see how happy people are with their RollerAid Knee Walkers and why I can offer a 100% guarantee.

By now you may be wondering how much a RollerAid Knee Walker cost. Well don't worry because it's nothing compared to the incredible benefits you'll gain by increasing your productivity and gaining all that extra freedom.

In fact, because we want to get the word out very quickly about our website and start helping as many people as we can we are offering a discount right now for a short time. So to purchase a brand new, guaranteed RollerAid Knee Walker is now just $825 $697!

And if you just want to rent one (1 month minimum) you only pay $210/month $167/month! And it's only $52.50 $41.75 a week after your 1 month if you need it less than another full month.

That's just $5.50 a day!

Definitely worth it to heal faster and gain all the mobility and freedom you'll receive from using a RollerAid Knee Walker.

To purchase your very own RollerAid Knee Walker CLICK HERE right now and tell us where to send it.

Buy a RollerAid Knee Walker

We Are Currently SOLD OUT and do not know when we are getting more supply.

To rent your RollerAid Knee Walker GO HERE to tell use where to send it to. If you have more questions about the RollerAid rental process then go here: RollerAid Rental Process.

Rent a RollerAid Knee Walker

Hurry and get your RollerAid today before our prices go up after our promotional period!

Robert Copeland

P.S. If you were skeptical, I can understand that. I was too before I tried one. I'm just asking you to set aside your skepticism for a few days to take the RollerAid Knee Walker for a test drive. You'll be glad you did.